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Membership benefits include the exclusive opportunity to experience a first-class European vacation and VIP tours that places you at the heart of Mercedes-Benz rich history. These member only trips provide direct and personal access to Mercedes-Benz facilities, museums, assembly plants and the many amazing European landmarks. 
Many MBCA members and their guests have traveled on European trips, including the famous Stuttgart trip. Take MBCA’s guided trip through the Stuttgart Region and experience the rich heritage of Mercedes-Benz first-hand. Enjoy VIP destinations, accommodations and five-star cuisine. No worries, just “WOW!” on this command-performance excursion for Members, families and friends.
The MBCA trip to Germany is one of the best benefits offered to Club Members. Whether you are a lifelong Mercedes-Benz enthusiast or have recently acquired your first Mercedes, you will simply be ‘WOWED’ by the experience.  I have taken this trip four times!  That speaks for itself.

- Cliff Reyle, MBCA National Secretary & Member, Memphis Section
Trip of a lifetime! The experience was totally unique and special, giving us a much greater appreciate for everything Mercedes-Benz.

- Laura and Richard Simonds, Past National Vice President and Past National President
To see why members have taken these trips more than once, read a satisfied Member’s Germany 2015 tour diary here.