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At least every quarter (most commonly, about once a month), local Sections will produce and send a Newsletter to their members. Most are mailed however; where available, Section newsletters may be sent to you electronically.

Content is usually focused on six (or more) subjects: 1) a Welcome message to new members; 2) a special reminder or feature story about one or more upcoming events; 3) publicity updates on recently completed events; 4) a list of Section Officers and their titles; 5) phone numbers/email addresses for contacting the local Section and National Business Office; and 6) a schedule of local, regional and/or national events for the next three months.

Newsletter Editors will often insert candid photos from recent events; breaking auto industry news from Mercedes-Benz USA; upcoming technical seminars, defensive driving courses, autocross events, car shows and more. Plus a listing of fun, all-family activities like barbeques, movie nights and "mystery destination" drives. 

If it's news you can use, you'll find it online and in your local Section Newsletter.